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Fresh From the Studio – January

We had several fun headshot sessions this January. This was a great start to the 2016 headshot season! Remember to always ask your photographer to go over your needs as far as look. Talk about what you are expecting and what you want to accomplish. Establish a creative vision and vocabulary. This process is just [...]

Goodbye, Mr. Bowie

Being a teen in the eighties in rural England, I was dazzled and bewildered by the wonder that was David Bowie. How was Ziggy Stardust also the Bowie of Lets Dance? At age 14, infinitely wise and helplessly emotional, a group of us would meet at lunch down at the Orchard on the school grounds. [...]

Free Headshot Contest!

HEADSHOT SESSION giveaway! Like this Page! Hi Folks! Well it’s 2016 and we are setting some goals here at Nicola Delgado Photography! We would like to increase our Facebook Page “Likes” to 1000! In order to do that we are launching a giveaway! YES!! ‪#‎FREE‬‪#‎HEADSHOTS‬! Here is what you do: 1. Like the our PAGE here: Nicola Delgado [...]

Black Friday Deals to Sing out loud!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!! Black Friday Deals for you all! I have been so very lucky to have such great clients and wonderful support from friends and family. This time of year I love!(especially the pie!) I hope you all had a lovely time with friends and family. We had a great time preparing food and sharing [...]

Showing Actor’s Range: Dynamic Headshot Sessions

Hey! So many times I see headshots of actors that are beautiful but each “look” looks exactly the same even though the outfit and hair changed not therefore showing actor’s range!  This is a problem. Headshots that are just “pretty” won’t get you cast. “Blank distant stares” won’t get you cast! You need to look like yourself, but [...]

Why Not B/W?

I love b/w photography. The dynamic contrasts really can make a picture pop. The key is lighting it well, so it doesn’t become flat and boring. The truth is Actors don’t use b/w headshot very much these days. Commercial headshot have to be color. But, is there a time when the b/w is okay? I [...]

Lucky you! It’s Pilot season! Your time to soar!

So, pilot season is fast approaching. What can you do to get noticed this year? Well, the first and most important part of Acting is being prepared. As the old saying goes, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation!” So you’ve been working on your voice, your sight reading is excellent and your ability to make [...]

Introducing the Two Day Headshot session – Calling all Actors

Actors need headshots for all looks. An actress want to have some shots with their hair curly and flat ironed sleek and smooth, makeup natural and dramatic! An actor may want both shaven and unshaven looks. Most headshot session are about 2 hours long. As a photographer it seems to me that two hours the [...]

How Do I Prep For My Headshot Session?

You want a great shot, right? The secret to a great shot is capturing a look that is distinctly you, which means that I, the photographer, need to connect with you, the actor, through the lens. This happens best when shooting is fun rather than a drag – when you look great and feel great [...]

Lucy: Suicide Girl!

So this year started with a big bang! When 2014 hit I was determined to put my nose to the grind stone and was promptly hit with that knarly bronchitis that which everyone in SoCal has been afflicted. So after recovering from my wheezing, coughing and general complaining, I finally shook things up! I wanted [...]

Creative Minds

I am a great believer in collaborating with my clients to create the headshots the love. Not only should your headshot be beautifully crafted but also dynamic and engaging. That engagement is how you the subject and me the photographer come together. We are the creative team. Give me a call and we start building your brand or selling you in your craft.

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