Nicola: Headshot Photographer, Artist, Nurturer, Nomad

My father owned a small photo-lab in Wolverhampton, UK most of my life. Although not a Headshot Photographer, he would take portraits in the back studio, but mostly we developed peoples snap-shots, back in the days before digital! I remember my father giving me a small 110mm camera and I was off! I would take photographs of my cats and dolls and plants. I loved taking photographs. When I was a teen we moved to the USA, where my father developed a new type of Photographic Label that was using techniques he had developed for our small shop in the UK. Every vacation I took copious rolls of film, documenting every step! I learned to develop b/w film and print my own prints. I was hooked.

I went to college, always had a camera in my bag! I first started studying Chemistry then changed to Theater as it took up most of my after-school hours, and I couldn’t see myself in a lab my whole life. The smell of film developer still is clear in my mind from childhood. Formaldehyde and other such chemicals held no appeal. So, I studied Theatre in Chicago at both The Second City and at Columbia College and after graduation went to the UK to study at The British American Drama Academy, where I learned from the best: Henry Goodman, Fiona Shaw, David Loveaux, Ben Benison, Claire Davidson and the lovely indelible Paula Dionsotti (so lovely to see her on Game of Thrones! Giggle! More about her in another post!) All this time, snapping photographs, but focused on my training.

I moved to San Francisco and worked in theater, and found my career humming along. This, however, is when I realized that I WANTED photography. As my part time job I took work as a Makeup Artist, working for various photographers around town, and as a young actress I had photographers requesting to shoot me for their portfolios. However, I always found myself watching, learning and critiquing the shoot, the light, the photography. I knew I could learn and I knew I could do as well or better than many of the people I was working for. After moving to Los angeles, I continued to work as a makeup artist and explored film and television. I married a filmmaker and editor and learned still more from him. During this time I would do the odd play for fun as I still had my Equity Card and I would workout with an Improv group at The Second City, Hollywood.

Fast forward: I started my own business working with the two sides of my life that have meant the most to me, Photography and Acting. I love actors and creative folk. I love their energy and need to impact the world with their art. This is why I chose to be a headshot photographer. I understand actors. I enjoy people and I love to shoot faces. Come to me if you want an authentic experience. We can talk bluntly about the looks you need, the characters you already are cast as and the ones you wish you were cast as. I am on your team ready to help you enjoy a bountiful career.