Showing Actor’s Range: Dynamic Headshot Sessions

Hey! So many times I see headshots of actors that are beautiful but each “look” looks exactly the same even though the outfit and hair changed not therefore showing actor’s range!

 This is a problem. Headshots that are just “pretty” won’t get you cast. “Blank distant stares” won’t get you cast! You need to look like yourself, but different sides of yourself, and characters lurking deep within!  In other words: showing actor’s range!  You can play more than one role, right? Then one headshot isn’t enough. You are an actor, so lets get acting!

A headshot session is as much about acting as an audition. It’s a pre-audition.

So, yes, you need that nice happy go lucky commercial shot that reflects who you are, but you also need theatrical shots that reflect different sides of an actor’s dramatic range. You have various monologues prepared showing your range and ability. You also act in our headshot session! Don’t forget, this headshot is a pre-audition! ACT during your headshot session – No monologues required!

I approach each session with a list of character types I have compiled from our consultation. Together we will show your range by select clothing for each “look” and discuss the progression of looks with my makeup artist. When we start to shoot, that’s when your job starts! We will have discussed “types” and roles you would like to play and I will coach you through the “look” finding those characters. Your on camera acting classes will give you an edge here. Subtly is the key. Breath and intention are our focus.

Each step of preparation you take before your audition gets your closer to being cast. Your headshots should NOT be an afterthought. They are key to getting you opportunity to show your talent. Headshots are your first step to being cast.

Here are some examples of showing actor’s range captured in one session:

Commercial Headshots Dynamic Range -Gerald McGory ISC showing acting range

Commercial Headshot – Gerald McGrory

Theatre Headshots Dynamic Range -Gerald McGory ISC

Great shot for Stage – vulnerable and open

Socialite character headshot for theatrical Agent. showing actor's range

Theatrical headshot.

Commercial Headshots Dynamic Range -Catherine O'conner

Commercial Mom / BFF

Theatrical Headshots Dynamic Range -John Kirk Actor Happy Madison

Drama for John Kirk. This character shot for Theatrical film shows Johns Darker side.

Commercial Headshots Dynamic Range -John Kirk Actor Happy Madison

Bright Commercial shot


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