Fresh From the Studio – January

We had several fun headshot sessions this January. This was a great start to the 2016 headshot season!

Remember to always ask your photographer to go over your needs as far as look. Talk about what you are expecting and what you want to accomplish. Establish a creative vision and vocabulary. This process is just as important as your audition.

I decided to feature just a few images so you could take a look.


Mark Weiler

A seasoned veteran actor, Mark is a great illustration how a “One Look” headshot session can actually achieve a huge addition to your headshots. Just because you are wearing one shirt don’t mean you are limited to one character. Looking to get an update for Pilot Season Mark booked a “One Look” session and away we went! Mark was great to work with. He was really able to drill down and focus on what he wanted his headshot to say. An actors talent can shine through his headshot. We got a lot. Here are the ones he chose:

Nice guy / Happy Dad type

Los Angeles film actor “One look Headshot”

See the criminal

Diversity in your acting can shine through in your headshots.

This is a more open and versatile shot not as specific to type

This is a more open and versatile shot not as specific to type

Samantha also stopped by for a two look shoot with Hair and Makeup by Dru @ I love working with Dru, she is great at getting the right look for each client’s needs and we have fun collaborating, I can’t recommend her enough! She is great.

She needed a headshot and also a body shot for her dancing. Tis was her first experience in the studio and as you can see she nailed it. Take a look:

Dynamic dancer

Dynamic dancer

Beautiful b/w

Beautiful b/w. I love the soft retro feel of the b/w image. As you know from past posts black and white images are my favorites, it’s clear why!



Classic and pretty shot.