I was born in Clapham, London to two Jamaican students – my crazy parents! As a small child I lived in Jamaica near my large extended family. However, by the age of three and a half my parents returned to England to live and work.  

I learned at a young age that I needed to adapt vocally to my environment. I remember being 4 years old in nursery school in Stafford, the teachers ignoring me. After telling my mother I was being ignored, she inquired. The teachers told her they didn’t think I could speak English. So, then it was Jamaican patois at home, and “other” dialects out in the world. First learned: Midlands! That was the key. Throughout my schooling I studied acting and dance at with local teachers and participated in the London Academy of Dramatic Arts Children’s program. I remember my teacher Mrs Scott telling me I had a rubber face and voice. Back then, I wasn’t sure that was a compliment, now I think I get it! I had found my passion. 

At age 16, I moved to the USA, following my father’s work once again. Here, I started college and majored in Theatre at Columbia, and graduated from the Conservatory program at The Second City in Chicago. I specialized in dialects as I had a great affinity for them, taking my trips back to the UK as opportunities to hone certain regions. I continued my education after my Bachelors at British American Drama Academy, here I studied with great teachers such as Claire Davidson, Henry Goodman, Fiona Shaw, Juliet Stevenson to name but a few. I have since worked in such venues as Berkeley Rep and The Magic Theatre.

I love theatre and voice acting. There is nothing that gives me more joy that bringing  voice to a character, or supporting the color of a scene through looping.

I look forward to working with you soon!




Nicola F. Delgado

International Voice
Eyes : Green/Blue     Hair : Brown     Height : 5’4”

Sonja                  Loop Group     Independent Feature  

Film & Television

Fulfilled – A Halloween Story          Samantha / Principle      Heather Arnold Prod.    Short Film 

Nash Bridges – “Skirt Chasers”      Drive thru’ Clerk/ Day Player     Greg Beeman, Director

The Last Express   Video Game        Yasmin /Featured      Smoking Car Prod. Rotoscope (mo-cap) and Voice Over


(Partial List)

Your Wednesday Night 4 Cast        For Play               David Razowsky     The Second City, LA –  Long Form Improv 

Season’s Greetings                              Rachel                 Jules Aaron      The Company Rep

Candida                                                   Miss Prossy        David Needles     Pasadena Shakes. Co. 

Waiting at the Waters Edge            Susie Owen       Julie Hebert     The Magic Theater, SF 

The Beaux Stratagem                       Dorinda*, Lady Bountiful*         Mark Wing-Davey     Berkeley Repertory Theater 

Dancing at Lughnasa                         Rose                    California Conservatory Theater

Changes of Heart                               Maid, Lady in waiting, Lissette (Understudy)                  Stephen Wadsworth                 Berkeley Repertory Theater 

The Sea Plays                                      Freda                Rodd Gnapp         Just So Productions, SF 

A Christmas Carol                             Various              Jane McFie         Pasadena Shakespeare Co. 

Green Eggs & Hamlet                      Grad Show        Norm Holly        Second City Training Center, Chicago

Love ‘n Death                                      Sword Show    Randall Miller    Lamplighters Theater, San Francisco 

Midsummer Nights Dream             Peter Quince   Toby Robinson   BADA @ The Royal Court,UK 

Top Girls                                              Pope Joan       Cecilie O’Reilly                                  Basement Theatre, Chicago 

 (*Performed as understudy)


British RP, Cockney, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Midlands, Yorkshire, West Country,  Jamaican, East Indian, New York, Southern


Looping/ADR, Los Angeles       Johnny Gidcomb, Chris Jargo

Animation & Commercial          Melissa Disney, Sue Boyajian, Roger Scott, Tasia Valenza                                                              Katie Zeiner

The Second City Training Center,    L.A.Grad. Class, David Razowsky

A Noise Within, Los Angeles Shakespeare     Sc. Study, Art Manke

British American Drama Academy (BADA) London

Advanced Training Program

Contemporary Drama Master Class: David Leveaux, Juliet Stevenson

Shakespeare Master Class: Henry Goodman, Fiona Shaw

Shakespeare & Restoration Comedy: Sheila Allen

Scene Study: Paola Dionsotti, Claire Davidson

Columbia College, Chicago Bachelor of Arts, Theater. 

The Second City Training Center, Chicago. Improv: Conservatory Program Graduate

Special Skills

Good with cats and babies. Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, gardening, baking and cooking. Legend of Zelda… 

Click here for my resume: Resume PDF  or IMDB


  1. What is Brit-Ja-merican? I am an International nomad: Born in London, raised in UK and Jamaica, transplanted to the USA in early adulthood – I learned to be a voice chameleon as a youngster imitating family and friends.


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