Dialect Coaching

Get a better British Dialect!

George Bernard Shaw, read for you by Nicola F. Delgado

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Speak like a Brit:

Do you want to learn a British “Accent”?  Is it English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh? Upper class, Lower class? Educated? Is it a period piece you are working on? What’s the character like? How do they perceive themselves? How does this affect your choice? Don’t be scared! Take a breath!

First we have to locate the region  – geographical and social, then we can work. I can work with via Skype or in person. I help you dig into the script to find the perfect dialect for your character/characters.

Depending on your goals we can work to learn an perfect a dialect that you can be proud of and you can take and adapt in new circumstances.

Contact me for details: info@nicoladelgado.com

london telephone booth long exposure lights
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

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