Train Your Ear :

Dialect Samples for student use:

Neutral British – RP and Cockney

Neutral British – various neutral type speakers

Neutral British – Stephen Mangan

(often referred to by American Casting Directors as RP) Stephen has a very slight London sound.

Neutral British – Nicola Walker

Nicola also has a very slight London sound.

Standard British – Neutral British (sometimes referred to as RP but not in our course)

Maggie Smith – RP (upper class, traditional “stage” traditional RP)

Proper RP – Received Pronunciation —

Queen Elizabeth II

Proper RP – Received Pronunciation —

Henena Bonham Carter – in The Crown

Julie Walters – one of my personal heroes!

Neutral British – Midlands Influence (hometown Birmingham) Middle class dialect.

Michaela Coel – Amazing talent!

London dialect. NOT COCKNEY!

Bakar – North London – Slight Caribbean influence – There is a West Indian influence in the London dialect in recent years, especially in the Black and Asian communities.

JASON STATHAM – Cockney/London Generally thought of as a Working Class dialect

This documentary follows children every 7 years over their lives. It has a wide variety of dialects. An excellent resource for dialects, and contemporary period speech patterns.

Research of the history of the London dialect since Middle Ages… Really fascinating for the nerds like me! 🙂